Stone extraction, stone transformation and stone revolution

Promostone Industry
Since 1998

Specialised in stone extraction and stone transformation

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We are specialists in Stone Extraction and Stone transformation. Operating since 1998 in the marble industry, exporting and importing various natural materials across the globe, we decided in 2006 to expand our activities by investing in the quarries of Morocco in order to contribute, support and develop our elegant and attractive Moroccan products, stones, marbles and community.
Our activities are not limited to Stone Extraction and Stone Transformation, we are focusing on the Stone Revolution by extracting our Products in an eco-friendly and sustainable approach to preserve our nature.

About Us


Promostone industry s.a.r.l is a Moroccan company specialised in stone extraction and stone transformation. Our company owns different marble quarries, our main products are: Black Absolute marble, Black/Nero Marquina, Black Saint Laurent and Beige/Grey Limestones, Grey Lido Light/Dark, Limestone Yellow California, Travertine and Fossil Black/Brown.
Since 1998, Promostone Industry s.a.r.l focuses on costumer satisfaction through its experiences employees and advanced machineries


We promote all kind of Moroccan marbles for local and overseas clients for whom we assure the quality and the quantity demanded for either blocks, tiles, slabs and cut to size.
Our export service ensures our clients an update of the new production on both the owned quarries and the other types of Moroccan marble we promote. Promostone Industry s.a.r.l participates in the main international fairs and events in the stone industry, mainly in Xiamen, Verona and Casablanca.

Our goal

Promostone Industry aims to deliver the best products and meet the needs of all our customers and clients.
Whether is by providing you our materials or suggesting you other products, our ultimate goal is the satifsfaction and happiness of our buyers.
We target high quality blocks, slabs, tiles, and cut to size aligned very good and competitive prices.